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Eat what you are!

Eat what you are!

Do you Want a successful sustainable agriculture? Respect for land and nature, an eye to the waste of resources, a bit of creativity. Have you ever wondered what's the origin of the food you eat?
Travelling low cost worldwide!

Travelling low cost worldwide!

Do you Want to run far away, but on a low budget? Travelling low cost becomes an important tool for the long-awaited vacation or travelling around the world. Here are some suggestions ...


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FreeHANDlee born as a possible response to the trend of the “Social Shopping”. There are now 290 million of e-shoppers in Europe. Upon entering our Community You can make purchases on WAYTOGOoN, easily from your home.

2 - Stronger togheter

As “Associate” You join an Online Social Purchasing Group thanks to which You will be able to enter the platform, where You can easily buy products and services useful for your daily life. This will increase our bargaining power.

4 - Cost optimization

WAYTOGOoN becomes even more convenient for you! You can access a wide range of products and services with: certainty, efficiency, security, transparency, protection, serenity and prosperity!

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What You need ... in just one click! In WAYTOGOoN You can choose from thousands of products and services selected through precise quality standards. You can also subscribe to Purchasing Groups Energy, Fuel and Telecommunications.

6 – Transparency, control and management

Through the platform Associated Program Software (APS) You can check your wallets. APS is personal, it doesn't need any installation, is located in proprietary servers that ensure stability, privacy, security, periodic and continuous updates.

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