The 6 points of strenght

In freeHANDlee You will meet other People You can share interests and needs with.
Being part of it will enable You to obtain advantages… starting from your daily shopping, which You can do on WAYTOGOoN.

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Thanks to the Drop Shipping, WAYTOGOoN becomes even more EXPEDIENT for You.

The “Dropshipment” is a distribution model that enables the retailer to sell a considerable amount and variety of products without having them materially in the warehouse.

The Advantage of our online shopping is just the fact that WTG minimises the costs, as it doesn’t use warehouses, warehouse workers nor buys amounts of goods, even if it provides a wide range of products and services.

Our Affiliated Supplier have to comply with the contract rules that provide for a continuous quality and service control by the WTG back office and by the Associates themselves through their feedbacks, under penalty of being excluded from the network.

How does it work?

  • You buy, through PayPal, some goods You or your family need, on the WAYTOGOoN portal;
  • Your order is immediately sent to the Affiliated Supplier;
  • The Affiliated Supplier, within a few days, depending on the UE and Extra UE areas, directly sends the product, through the courier agreed by WTG;
  • The Affiliated Supplier is responsible for the processes of packing and guaranty; this ensures… Certainty;
  • is responsible for the collection, transport, delivery and refund; for this reason we work… Efficiently;
  • PayPal safeguards both You and the Affilated Supplier, in order to give You… Safety;
  • The Affiliated Supplier is immediately paid, for… Transparency;
  • You receive the goods in compliance with the laws, according to the European Consumer Centre (ECC-Net); this… Protects You;
  • You also have an economic benefit, for a greater… Serenity and Prosperity.

The following scheme represents the operational and logistic flow of the System.


Affiliate operational flow System of the WAYTOGOoN Drop Shipping


You can enter WTG only as a freeHANDlee Member!
This opportunity is reserved only to our Members!

Thanks to this strategy too, WAYTOGOoN awards the Associates of freeHANDlee’s Tribe now and in the future.



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